You DO Care

I have decided that, based on how my situation has panned out thusfar, that the right thing is to withdraw my request for donations. I created this fundraiser when I did because I had no idea what I was walking into, or if I would need to have a lot of money at my immediate disposal to get the care that I needed. I am so, so fortunate to be receiving what I believe will be full coverage for the treatment route I have chosen. I will be tapping into this amazingly generous fund only to help out with costs related to my treatment, and if the time should come that I feel fully confident that I won’t need an emergency medical fund, I will find a relevant way to funnel all of that money back into helping someone or many someones who find themselves in a similar situation. I am so, so grateful for the staggering generosity of both those in my social network and those whose names I did not recognize. Good on you for stepping up – may it come back to you in sunshine and rainbows (and windfalls).

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